The Admiral’s Cup

The Admiral’s Cup is awarded anually by popular peer vote to the individual that contributes the most to the honor, integrity, love, camaraderie, tradition, and continuance of our game. The awards is named after the first recipient – Mike “The Admiral” Nichols

2022-2023Tony Fabrizio
2021-2022Paul LoNigro
2018-2019Greg Sabell
2017-2018Tony Brunetti
2016-2017Joe Rossi
2015-2016Lou Buccino
2014-2015Ernie Marranzino
2013-2014Mike Rich
2012-2013Dick Severini
2011-2012Art Cito
2010-2011Richard Schivone
2009-2010Tom Griffith
2008-2009 Jon Luciano
2007-2008Phil DeLorenzo
2006-2007Pat Mariano
2005-2006John Dezzutti
2004-2005Brent Nigro
2003-2004Frank Vessa
2002-2003Carmine Lombardo
2001-2002Vince Falbo
2000-2001Phil Fabrizio
1999-2000Bob Rossi
1998-1999Mike Falbo
1997-1998Frank Fabrizio
1996-1997Tony Iacovetta
1995-1996JC Falbo
1994-1995Joe Warrick
1993-1994Vince Falbo
1992-1993Mike Mangone
1991-1992Dave Falbo
1990-1991Felix Acierno
1989-1990Duke Finamore
1988-1989Frank Giardino
1987-1988John Tezak
1986-1987Mike Nichols