Top Gun

The Top Gun is the player who scores the most points for the season.
The Top Gun Trophy is dedicated to the memory of Frank Giardino 1943-2000.

2022-2023Tony Fabrizio304
2021-2022Paul LoNigro250
2018-2019Tommy Skul269
2017-2018Phil DeLorenzo270
2016-2017Tony Fabrizio273
2015-2016Pat Mariano288
2014-2015Dick Severini265
2013-2014Phil DeLorenzo285
2012-2013Tommy Skul277
2011-2012Tommy Skul287
2010-2011Dominic DiTirro273
2009-2010Frank Vessa274
2008-2009Anthony Lombardi282
2007-2008Anthony Lombardi
2006-2007Anthony Lombardi
2005-2006Joe Warrick
2004-2005Frank Vessa
2003-2004Phil DeLorenzo
2002-2003Dave Skul
2001-2002Frank Vessa
2000-2001Dave Falbo
1999-2000Frank Vessa